BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Many students opt to bring their own device instead of checking one out from the library. We encourage this as students can personalize their own device, and purchase one that meets their standards. A variety of devices will fit our current program. Again, we encourage students to purchase insurance for their device just as a precaution against damage or theft. Many of the devices on the market are very affordable and serve multiple purposes. The devices approved for school use with educational purposes can also play many of the most popular games at least doubling its usefulness to your student. By purchasing a device for your student, they will continue to have access to it and be able to extend their learning even through the summer months.

BYOD Buying Guide

1. Tablets of all kinds (Android or Apple based) could be used in all of our classes. Many parents and students prefer the tablet as it easily fits inside a backpack or purse. Tablets should have a minimum of 8 GB of memory or the ability to add an SD memory card.

Examples: Apple iPad, Lenovo A1, Samsung Galaxy, ViewSonic ViewPad

These are just a few of the many tablets available.

2. Smart Phones (Android or Apple based) could be used in all our classes. Phones must be Wi-Fi enabled. Phones should have a minimum of 8 GB of memory. Some students prefer the easy of transportation of these devices. However, their size makes reading materials and completing on line assignments more challenging.

3. Mini notebooks or laptops work in all of our classes and allow you to join any program we currently utilize. All mini notebooks and laptops must be Wi-Fi enabled.

Students, who bring their own device, do not need to check a device out from the library. At registration, or any time of the year, simply bring your personal device into the library for verification.

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